Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Playroom Organization

Pretty Playrooms

Hi Dolls,

One of the most daunting tasks is cleaning up the playroom. The more organized the playroom, the easier the cleanup each time. After working on my kids' playroom this past weekend, I came up with a few tips on how to organize this creative space.

Before you try and organize at all, go through the entire room and get rid of items that are now too immature for your young ones, or things that they just don't play with anymore. 

Now that you've dwindled down your inventory, it's time to sort. Decorative bins/baskets are a great way to separate items into categories, while giving a put together appearance to the room. They also make cleanup a breeze (think being able to quickly throw items back into their respective bins). Smaller bins can be set on shelves or tucked in cubes (see #3) and big ones can be left on the floor or set under a table. Coordinating the colors of the cubes (feel free to mix solids and prints) is aesthetically appealing and gives a sense of structure.

Perfect for playrooms, these cube shelves are pretty inexpensive and can hold all kinds of different toys or books. They are also perfect for housing decorative baskets/bins.  Cube shelves come in all sizes, so they're easy to customize to your space.

Fun activity for your kids to help you with, and adds structured pops of color to the room.

Some items are just better hung. Dress up clothes, capes, and even small baskets are some ideas for how to utilize hooks. 

There you go! My five tips to help you tackle the craziness that is your playroom. 

Want help? I'm happy to give you a free consultation to assess your organizing needs.


Kit Kat

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Closet Organizing Tip: Rolling

Roll 'em, roll 'em, roll em

Hi again, Dolls!

Do your drawers look like this? 

Is it hard to see what you have? 


Do the top items keep getting smushed when you open or close the drawer? 

My tip: 




Rolling items will work for many areas of your closet (think underwear, socks, scarves) but works especially well in drawers. Not only will it make the drawer appear to hold more, but it also allows you to see more of what you have. When you fold items, you stack them one on top of the other, which means you can really only see the top item until you lift each one up below it. When you roll them, you can now lay them side by side, which allows for seeing many of them at one time (even if there are a few layers of rolled items). 


The drawer is now much neater, and the items are much more visible. You can also fit more items in this drawer, than you can by folding them (similar to when you pack a suitcase). Now the drawer can open and close easily, without getting stuck on the clothes. I was also able to put more into the drawer than was there before. 
I know, I know. "Edit the items, or purge" you say? That's the problem. This IS the edited selection. Getting hand-me-downs from friends is AWESOME, except when you start to run out of space. Now you can keep more of the adorable items that still fit, rather than having to get rid of them just to save space. #momproblems


Not only is rolling great for saving space, it also keeps things from getting wrinkled like they do from folding!  I rolled all of these scarves, rather than folding them, or just throwing them in the basket. Now I can see every option I have, without having to dig/lift others up.


True, this tip may work better for you, or older kids, rather than toddlers...but they are going to mess up any type of folding, so why not make your life a little easier when trying to fit all of the clean laundry back into the space. 

Hope this helps y'all get motivated on that closet! Stay tuned for more closet organizing tips.


Kit Kat

Monday, August 28, 2017

Closet Organizing Tip: Velvet Hangers


Hey Dolls, 

A lot of people tell me "I don't even know where to begin with my closet". Purging and editing your wardrobe is great (and is the very minimum you should do) but sometimes it feels like there are still too many amazing clothes to fit in the space.  One of the easiest updates to your closet, that will make a HUGE difference right off the bat, is switching out all of your plastic, wire and wood hangers, to velvet, space-saving ones. The wire hangers can/should be pitched, whereas the plastic ones can be donated. Wood hangers look quite lovely, however they just aren't practical! They take up a TON of space, and many items will slip right off.  I suggest saving them to use in guest rooms or hall closets. 


Just look at the difference! These pictures were taken after the editing part of the client's session, so these were the clothes that she wanted to keep. Thus, there is no difference in the amount of clothes hanging; they just have more room and are now more uniform. 
Aside from being pretty, and adding a bit of elegance to the closet, the velvet material also prevent items from slipping off. This, in and of itself should be enough to convince you to make the switch!

Here are some pics of a closet edit session, where velvet hangers weren't used. The closet is more clean and organized, but it is lacking the same feel and appearance. 

BONUS: they aren't that expensive! Costco has black velvet hangers (my color go-to for clients) at $9.99 for 35 hangers! Not bad, and much less expensive than Target ($29.99 for 40)...although Target does have different color options. Amazon is around $22 for 50. Bed Bath & Beyond even carries velvet baby/child hangers!
Other places may sell them, but be careful; not all velvet hangers are created equal! You may find these hangers at places like Marshalls and Home Goods, but they often aren't of the same quality and may break easily. 

Well, there you have it. A quick and easy way to update your closet's appearance, while creating more space in the process. 

Need some organizing help? Schedule your free consultation! Every organization/styling package comes with FREE velvet hangers. :)


Kit Kat