Thursday, October 20, 2016




Hello Dolls,

As I've mentioned before, the 70s are here to stay for awhile, and thus so are 70's style shoes: platforms, chunky heels, and CLOGS!

I have been a clog lover for a long time, even though my husband constantly pokes fun when I wear them. Men! They just don't understand fashion sometimes. This season they are exploding again, and I can't help but NEED to buy another pair. 


 - They are super comfy.
 - They come in all heel and platform heights.
 - They can be worn with anything.
 - They transition nicely from one season to another.

Clogs are timeless and very wearable, and can be rocked even when they aren't as trending as hard as they are now. From vintage to modern, find the right pair that fits into your wardrobe. 

How To Style Them:

Transition into Fall with shorts and a long sleeved blouse.

Throw them on with a pair of socks or tights when the weather starts to chill.

Rock them with cropped denim. 

Perfect with a long maxi or wide leg pants.

Paired with overalls makes for an easy casual look.

I love them with a chunky sweater. 

Channel the 70s with flared denim. Any denim works, really, but flared is my fave.

Where To Get Them:

Until next time, Fashionistas!

Kit Kat

Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Must Have: Matte Lips!

My latest MUST HAVE: Matte Lips.

Hello Fashion Dolls,

I seriously have a problem. I cannot stop buying matte lipsticks! They are just SO amazing, for SO many reasons:

 1. They stay on for a LONG time.
2.You can smooch your significant other and your color won't end up on their lips.
3. You can eat and drink, and they won't come off the way regular lipstick does.
4. Even the bold colors come across as more of a natural look.
5. Won't sweat off.
6. Once dry, won't smudge on your clothing.
7. The color on your lips matches the color in the tube.

 To me there is nothing more annoying than having to reapply your lipstick every time you eat or drink something. Most mattes will stay on while noshing, unless the food is super oily...and even then your color will just need a little touch up.
Most men LOVE lipstick on women, but they don't like wearing it themselves after a stolen kiss. Matte lipstick will stay put on your lips, where it belongs, unless you decide to engage in a make-out sesh. Even then, the color doesn't end up on them, it just needs to be touched up on you.
I think the MAIN reason I love them, is they look more natural than glossy lips, and they stay on for a LOOOOOOONG time. Usually I only need to touch up my lips once a day, which is amazing. Gone are the embarrassing moments of busting out your iPhone camera, multiple times a day, to fix your lips. 


 Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Click Here
This product is 100% vegan and cruelty free
 LipLand Cosmetics Matte Lip Crayons Click Here
 Colour Pop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lips Click Here
LA Splash Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Click Here


My obsession has been fueled lately when I started mixing colors to make new ones. By mixing, I mean layering one color on top of another to make a new color.  For example, sometimes the bright and bold red of Jeffree Star's "Red Rum" is not the color I'm trying to achieve that day. So, to make it a little less bold, and a slightly creamier color, I will layer on a lighter color (e.g. "Celebrity Skin") on top. 

Steps to layering:
Put one layer of darkest color on first. 
Let it dry completely.
Put one layer of lighter color on top. 
Let it dry. 

Jeffree Star "Gemini"

Jeffree Star "Gemini" + "Celebrity Skin" on top

You can continue to add the second color until you've achieved your desired color. Usually I like it with just one coat of the second color, but have fun and play with layering!

Kit Kat 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Color Me Fall

Navy & Pink Obsession

Hello Dolls,

Fall weather is approaching (or already here for some of you lucky people) which means Fall color palettes are on the mind. Of course darker tones and neutrals are constant staples; however, I wanted to highlight one of my FAVE combinations that I'm recently obsessed with: NAVY BLUE & PINK!

What shade of pink you ask? Well, any shade really...but personally I am drawn to a light powder pink or softer shades, rather than bright and bold. Navy is a bold color itself, so a lot of bold pink is more competitive. A softer and lighter pink is a nice compliment to the darkness of the navy. 


Choose either navy OR pink as your main color for the look. Then add in pops of the other color. Do not try to even them out, as your look can appear too loud and messy.

 If you want to add in a print, make sure to keep it simple, and probably to just one item, so as not to overwhelm. If you're a seasoned print mixer, have at it but make sure one print is more subtle than the other so they don't compete for attention.

Mixing pinks is totally acceptable when playing with this color combo. Again, focus on one shade/family of pink color and use another for a fun and unexpected accent!

Even men look can pull off this color combo, and look amazing. Loving the pink tie, with a sharp navy suit. 



Navy and pink is also a great combination for home decor!

Now all we need is the cool weather...

Until next time fashionistas!

Kit Kat

Friday, September 16, 2016

All Choked Up!

TGIF Fashionista Dolls!

Ok, ok. I know that the choker trend has been around for a little while, but I am just now seriously embracing it. A SERIOUS nod to the 90s, this trend used to be worn with baby doll dresses and chunky Doc Martins. Today (although still very appropriate with the above mentioned items) chokers have been updated for a more modern look with many different textiles and embellishments. 

METAL: Want a more sophisticated feel? Try a chic metal one. 


SIMPLE: Want one that goes with almost any ensemble? A simple, thin black shoe-lace like choker with gold hardware at the ends.

BOHO: Floral chokers add a touch of femininity and romance.

BOLD/STATEMENT:  Make your choker the focal point of your look.  

                 Etsy - $40                                           ASOS - $13                   

ROMANTIC: Velvet. Plain and simple.

ALTERNATIVE/PUNK: "Tattoo" chokers are right up your alley.

However you embrace this trend, chokers add a wonderful (and unexpected) accent to each outfit; and at seriously reasonable prices, it's not a big investment if you want to try it out. Who knows? It may turn into your go-to item this Fall. 

Until next time, Dolls!

Kit Kat

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hello my fashionista Dolls,

As Fall arrives, as do the new trends to be conscious of. I never thought I'd see the day where 90s bodysuits made a serious comeback. Well, that day is here and they are EVERYWHERE. I actually welcome their return, as they are amazing for layering, and wearing under high-waist skirts and pants.  There is nothing worse than a top that wont stay tucked in, or is too bulky under layers; making you feel like Violet Beauregarde after she eats the "three-course-meal" gum.

Bomber jackets are also gaining serious momentum, now that designers have delivered them to us in bright colors and bold designs. If you are more reserved in your fashion statment, try one in a solid olive green satin, or a classic brown leather. They are perfect for the coming crisp Fall weather, and actually pair quite nicely with the bodysuit - think Maverick's girlfriend meets Brenda Walsh. 

Have fun with these two! I know I will. 

Kit Kat


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pretty Little Platforms & Chunky Block Heels

Heads up, Dolls! 

The 70s are still here in a big, big way, and you know what that means for footwear? Platforms and chunky heels! 

I am a HUGE platform lover (my hubby not so much) so this continued trend makes me even more eager to shop the Fall racks. Platforms are SUPER comfy and easy to wear with any ensemble. From barely there up to sky-high, there is a platform for all, regardless of style. I'm even kind of into the platform sneaker, which adds just a of edginess to your casual ensemble.


Not as into the platform look, and looking for something along the same lines - but with more of a heel? Try the chunky heel trend. This comfier-than-a-stiletto, oh-so 70's style, will give your legs more of the elongated look.


Platforms and block heels are quite easy to pull off in muted tones, so anyone can jump on this train; but if you're a bold fashionista looking to be "right on trend" then give them a go in the following colors/prints (as seen on the runways):

  • snake print
  • patchwork
  • gold or silver metallic 
  • overly embellished 



Kit Kat