Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Confessions of a Target Addict: This Season's Must-Haves

Hello Dolls,

If there is one good thing about my Target addiction, it's that I have perused the store enough to have fabulous knowledge on this season's MUST-HAVES. This knowledge, I MUST share with you.

1. 70's Inspired Footwear: 

Platforms and stacked heels are all the rage this Spring.  There are a few different styles to choose from, including color options and different heel heights.

2. Beach/Pool Tote Bags: 

The choices are endless! At these prices, grab a few!

3. Boater Hat: 

The "it" style for Spring/Summer is the "Boater" hat, but fedoras and floppy hats are always in style. The plain Boater Hat is out of stock online but it is carried in many of the stores. Go for the two-tone one, if you want to stand apart from the masses!

4. Outdoor Poufs & Ottomans: 

Use them as a foot rest, or for additional seating when entertaining. Mix and match prints and textures for a cozy chic outdoor space.

5. Modern Animal Head Wall Decor: 

Works with almost any home decor style. Add to a wall collage, or use as a centerpiece on your mantel. Keep an eye out so they always have new ones to choose from, which often vary in color, size and materials.

6. Mid-Century Modern Light Fixtures:  

I love mixing vintage pieces with modern one. These lamps give a nod to vintage style, with modern lines for a more contemporary feel. Win-Win!

Until next time Fashionistas!

Kit Kat

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Georgia's 3rd Birthday Party - Minnie Mouse!

Hello Dolls,

When I asked my almost 3-year old what kind of party she wanted, I almost cringed at her response. Minnie Mouse. Sigh.
As usual, I turned to Pinterest for Inspiration. Mixing and matching ideas from many different sites and pages, the end result was adorably girly and full of Minnie Mouse inspired decor, without being saturated with pictures of Minnie and her posse.  How did I turn this typically cheesy theme, into a chic toddler soiree?


Rather than find a Disney shirt or ensemble at Target, I browsed the internet and found this perfect dress. Minnie Mouse Dress  It comes in pink and red, so I let the birthday girl pick the color she wanted. RED it was.


The color scheme included shades of red and pink, with gold and black accents. Rather than go over board with Minnie Mouse balloons, I went with gold letters, that spelled out my her age. T.H.R.E.E.

Two centerpieces were made from styrofoam balls, and a polka dot bow. Here is the tutorial that I followed.  Minnie Centerpiece.

Bow napkins were designed using large polka dot napkins, and a pink ribbon (held together with hot glue) for the center.

I purchased a bulk lot of Minnie and Mickey ear headbands, rather than going the party hat route.  They were adorable and were also something the kids could take home with them as a party favor.  Minnie & Mickey Headbands.

For the table cloth, I went with a berry color. This complimented the light pinks and red, and kept everything tied together, without being overwhelmed by just one color. It also made the gold accents stand out.


"Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!" This main dish was exactly what the ever-popular song called for.

The venue of her party supplied the popcorn in red and white containers, which couldn't have been more perfect.  I also brought small red and white polka dot containers for kids to use individually.

These Minnie Mouse cupcakes were found on Pinterest. I contacted someone on Etsy (Fondant Bows) to make the fondant bows ,and used Oreos Thins for the ears.  The listing came with both fondant bows AND ears, but I just asked that the ears be omitted.  Unfortunately the HOT Texas weather caused them to melt a little, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Honest juice pouches were served, in pink and red, along side mini water bottles with the labels removed. (Coordinate where you can!)


As I mentioned before, the kids got to take home the headbands.  They also received a balloon and pink cotton candy with a customized Minnie note - "Minnie Thanks! Toodles."

Darling little party, for a darling little girl. This was one of my fave parties,  thus far; it turned out better than I thought it would!  
Looking forward to planning the next CrayChic party.
Stay tuned!

Kit Kat