Thursday, June 23, 2016

Closet Organizing Tip: Clutches

How to organize your clutches, so that they're neat and ALL are visible.

Hello Dolls,

Two words: Letter Sorter.

I hate when the clutches slump over and lean on one another. You cannot see everything you have, and it looks SO messy.

While browsing Target (shocking I was there, I know) I found clear acrylic letter organizers and knew they would be PERFECT for correcting this problem. They allow each bag to have its own compartment, and having support on both sides allows them to stand upright.

I should have bought more of the clear ones, but I didn't think they were at risk of disappearing. I am praying that they come back in stock...but until then, I have found others that work just as well!

Staples - $7.99

Nate Berkus for Target - $12.99

Room Essentials (Target) - $7.99

Room Essentials (Target) - $4.99


Kit Kat

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