Monday, June 6, 2016

CrayChic Red, White & Blue Party Tips

Memorial Day Party How-To

Hello Dolls,

Having a Memorial Day bash? How can you pull it off, without feeling like everything is stars and stripes, or flags galore? Here are a few tips I used to throw our most recent Memorial Day pool party and BBQ.

1. Use red, white and blue for your colors (of course) but be creative with your prints and stay away from too many stars and stripes/flags.

2. Use Pinterest for food ideas


3. Metal, burlap and twine are great accent materials.

4. Bandanas make great napkins (Hobby Lobby has a MILLION to choose from).


5. Be creative with drinkware.

Our party was around our pool, and included children, so I opted for blue and gold solo cups with star straws and patriotic coozies. You could also use clear plastic stemless wine glasses or mason jars, if you're serving a festive colored beverage.  (Loving the sangria punch idea below from Pinterest).


Have fun with it, and don't over thing things. As long as you stay in the red and blue color families, everything should coordinate nicely and feel patriotic. Print mixing is encouraged!

Kit Kat


  1. Wow!! These white and blue party tips look lovely. I am planning to throw a dinner party at LA venue and very happy to find these amazing tips here. Would love to implement them for the day. Thanks for sharing lovely post.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, and can use some of these tips for your own party! I'd love to see pics, if you want to share some.