Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fall & Winter White-Out

Hello Dolls,

We all know that the "No White After Labor Day" rule no longer exists, which means you can continue to rock your white jeans throughout the winter. White sweaters can keep you chic and cozy, and of course who doesn't love a classic white button down that is perfection for day-to-night ensemble transitions.

UPDATE to the Fall/Winter white trend, that is flooding the runways: pair shade of white with another.

It seems natural to want to pair one white clothing item, to another of the exact same color. This is VERY hard to do! All whites are not created equal (literally) and thus matching them exactly is near impossible, and can make for a disaster in your overall look. On the other hand, if you intentionally pair white pants, with an off white top, your overall look will be effortless chic!


Tip: bright whites can wash out some skin tones, so play it safe by having a cream or ivory color on top. 

Once you've mastered mixing your whites, it's time to accessorize. Keep them simple and neutral (think beige, black or camel). If you're a more fashion forward fashionista -  try animal print for a bold edge that will still compliment nicely.

Now...if the cooler weather would just get here already!

Kit Kat

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