Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Color Me Fall

Navy & Pink Obsession

Hello Dolls,

Fall weather is approaching (or already here for some of you lucky people) which means Fall color palettes are on the mind. Of course darker tones and neutrals are constant staples; however, I wanted to highlight one of my FAVE combinations that I'm recently obsessed with: NAVY BLUE & PINK!

What shade of pink you ask? Well, any shade really...but personally I am drawn to a light powder pink or softer shades, rather than bright and bold. Navy is a bold color itself, so a lot of bold pink is more competitive. A softer and lighter pink is a nice compliment to the darkness of the navy. 


Choose either navy OR pink as your main color for the look. Then add in pops of the other color. Do not try to even them out, as your look can appear too loud and messy.

 If you want to add in a print, make sure to keep it simple, and probably to just one item, so as not to overwhelm. If you're a seasoned print mixer, have at it but make sure one print is more subtle than the other so they don't compete for attention.

Mixing pinks is totally acceptable when playing with this color combo. Again, focus on one shade/family of pink color and use another for a fun and unexpected accent!

Even men look can pull off this color combo, and look amazing. Loving the pink tie, with a sharp navy suit. 



Navy and pink is also a great combination for home decor!

Now all we need is the cool weather...

Until next time fashionistas!

Kit Kat

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