Sunday, February 19, 2017

Closet transformation (JAN 2017)


Hello Dolls!

A closet edit and reorganization is ESSENTIAL for many reasons:

  • Many items in your closet are out of date, haven't been worn, and will never be worn.
  • Unwanted/never-to-be-worn items take up precious closet space.
  • Closets that are organized in practical way can hold more items than an unorganized one.
  • Editing and organizing will allow for easier /faster dressing each day. 
  • Long-lost items are often found during the editing and organizing process.
  • An organized and edited closet will alert you to your inventory; including what you're missing, and what you have an abundance of. This knowledge will be useful on future shopping trips.

Here is a small closet I just organized. It needed a lot of help, but I had a very short period of time to get it all done. The result was still a drastic improvement!





Looks SO much better, right? It appears that she has more clothes, but that is just an illusion, as it was really just a matter of how they were organized. In fact, we did an edit of her entire inventory, removing a lot of out-of-date items, and those pieces that were damaged and/or never worn.  

No matter the size, closets need love.

Kit Kat

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