Friday, April 7, 2017


Hello Dolls! 

This month's highlighted closet transformation is one of my favorites, thus far! This closet was quite large, and was shared by both husband and wife. I focused mainly on the wife's side (editing, organizing, and maximizing space) to keep on budget. I couldn't just leave the husband's side alone (would have driven me, and the client crazy leaving half of the closet in shambles), so I worked on it just enough to give the illusion of organization and function. That way, the entire closet is cohesive.

Just to refresh, here are some definitions important to closet styling.

Editing: Going through each item of clothing, and deciding if it is worth keeping. If it is dated, doesn't fit, or you just don't like it anymore, it GOES!

Organizing: Finding a better layout/fit for items, often by season or color.

Maximizing Space: Finding a way to better utilize the available space. This can be done by adding storage boxes/slots, switching out big and bulky hangers to slim, space-saving, ones, or organizing by size.

Photo #1

 Wife's side was edited and reorganized, swapping out all hangers for matching black velvet ones. Note that some of the sections have also been rearranged, to maximize the space, and keep the sides separated. The sections have also been organized by color, which makes finding items much easier. The husband's items are all now on his side, and the wife's on hers. Makes it easier to get dressed everyday, and stay out of each other's way, in the process. 

Photo #2 

The husband's side. All of those bins were already in the closet...I just reorganized everything to make it appear more neat, and actually be more functional. I recommended that the client order another shelf above the boots, for more shoe storage. Shoe and clothing were organized by style, and/or color.

Photo #3

SHOES! She already had a great set up for her collection, I just organized them by style and color, readjusting the shelves' heights as needed. I ordered a few boot inserts for her, so she could see the difference they made; recommending she order a few more sets for the boots that remain slouched. 

Photo #4

Shelves and drawers were edited down and reorganized to utilize (and maximize) space. New storage bins were purchased to help with aesthetics, as well as adding additional storage.

And that, my friends, was a wrap for this client. It was a great closet to begin with, I just helped it become more organized and functional; in turn making the whole space more visually appealing. 

Until next time!

Kit Kat

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