Monday, May 8, 2017



Hello Dolls!

Shopping for interior design items, and updating my home decor/design has become a fun hobby of mine. I love researching the latest trends, and incorporating them into my home, while maintaining my overall style.
Here are a few of my fave home decorating tips, to help make your house feel like a home. 

1. Wallpaper

The best way to add a little pop to a room. Go bold and bright, or more sophisticated and low key; it adds interest an element of design instantly. Timid about how much to do? Try an accent wall. Daring? Go for a full wallpapered powder room.


2. Antlers 

I've always loved a good antler chandelier, for an office or little boys room, but now antlers and animal heads are everywhere! Add a plaster monochromatic one to a modern room, a printed one for an art deco feel, or a real skull and antlers if your style is shabby chic. Even more, antlers really can work in any type of design style. You just have to find the right one for you. 


3. Floral/greenery accents

Flowers or topiaries add both a feminine and homey feel, whether live, or fake. Live plants also add CO2 to the home air, making them ideal for your health. Fake flowers and plants are easier to maintain, and can look real if you take the time to find good ones. They'll cost a little bit more, but are worth the extra $. 


4. Faux Fur

Easy to incorporate and adds a cozy effect to the room. Faux fur is everywhere right now, so there are many ways to use for different styles. Just a little goes a long way. 


5. Metal accents

The best thing about metal accents is it works nicely with many different design styles. Furthermore, there are many colors to choose from: silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, black, to name a few. Incorporate a large item, like a coffee table or artwork, or go smaller with accent items like sculptures or mantle pieces.



Fave tech gadget of the moment = Light-up outlets. 

My husband saw an ad for these, and we now have them in our hallway upstairs. They serve the same purpose as a night-light, but are way more aesthetically pleasing and don't take up one of the outlets. Get them at SnapPower.

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