Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas, Part II: LAST MINUTE IDEAS

Hello Dolls, 

Last year, I gave you a list of things to get the wonderful men in your life for Father's Day (link to post). This year, since I'm a little late, and Father's Day is THIS SUNDAY, I have some last minute gift ideas to share. All of these are personal and easy to execute. In other words, you don't have to be a Pinterest DIY professional.


1.  Personalized Golf Balls (DIY)

No, I don't mean getting them professionally printed.  Go and buy a set of golf balls, and then write funny notes on them with a sharpie. I've done this for my father, and father-in-law many times, and they keep asking for more! 

Here are some ideas for you:

I once was lost, but now I'm found.
Help! I can't swim!
You're lost too?
Be the ball.
I'm not lost, I'm hiding from ___.
Not your ball.
Playing thru!
My wife has the other one.

2. Thoughtful art

Easy to create (using Word on a computer) and personalize by substituting words that describe your man. Can change Dad to Hubby, too.

3. _______ Of The Month Club

There are endless monthly clubs, that men will love.  Just sign up online, and print out a picture of the club to put into a Father's Day card.

* Beer or Wine of the month
* Sock of the month 
* Dive bar t-shirt of the month
* Tie of the month
* Whiskey of the month
* Coffee of the month
* Bacon of the month

4. Play On Words

Simple and witty.


1. Daddy/Daughter Frame

I did this for both my own Father, as well as for my husband from our girls. It was a hit with both! You can purchase scrabble tiles on Amazon, without having to buy a new game, or take from your existing one. 

2. Play On Words


Doesn't get more adorable than this. Especially coming from the kid(s).

3. ART



Create these adorable pieces of art by using painters/masking tape to create the words, then let your child finger paint or color on top. Remove the tape to reveal the white words among the lovely colors. 

Grab a photo mat and let the kids go nuts coloring it!

Kid version of the personalized golf balls. Now they can feel like a part of them is with Dad when he's on the course. 

FAMILY FUN - Things to do together for Dad

1. Festive dessert

What Dad wouldn't love these hamburger cupcakes? 
Get the instructions here.

2. Creative photography with kids

You can take pictures with your camera or phone, and have them printed at CVS or Target the same day. Get creative with your kids, and have fun with it! 

That's a wrap, ladies, on this year's tips for last minute Father's Day gift ideas. Hope y'all get some ideas, or inspiration for the wonderful men in your lives. Better get moving! Sunday will be here before you know it.


Kit Kat

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