Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trending in Stockholm


Hey Dolls,

After being in Stockholm for a few weeks, I've noticed some obvious summer trends that I wanted to share with you.  Want to dress like a Swede? Here's how. 


All types. All colors. All over! I am a longtime clog lover, and am constantly looking down, staring at the plethora of clog choices over here. A pair of swedish clogs is a MUST for my shopping checklist while I'm here. Maybe a pair of Hasbeens, which is a popular Swedish brand.

Sneakers (All kinds)

Sneakers are worn with EVERYTHING here; even skirts and dresses. It actually works, and people still look chic. I love it. Adidas and Nike are the most commonly worn. The trick is not to wear shoes that are too worn out, or dingy/dirty looking. Wearing them with a fancier outfit changes the entire feel of the sneakers. Classes them up, and ads a "city chic" feel.


Cropped Pants

Not quite capris. More like cropped trousers. Flowy and feminine, pairing perfectly with clogs or sneaks. I plan on jumping all over this trend. 


"Comfy-chic" is the name of their fashion game in this fabulous walking city. Sorry to the hubby in advance, but I foresee more of these pieces making their way into my closet.

Kit Kat