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Hey Dolls,

It's that time again; when I get to show you a recent fabulous closet transformation. I just love going into someone's closet and making it more functional, organized and aesthetically appealing than it was when I got there. 

When I first walked in, it didn't appear to be too terribly overcrowded with items. It did however, have one immediately noticeable red flag: a lack of non-slip velvet hangers. I can't stress this enough. These are ESSENTIAL to maximizing your space, while creating a uniform look. Easy to implement and relatively inexpensive.


This client told me that she already had a lot of no-slip hangers spread among many different closets in the home. So I asked her to gather them up, and bring them to the closet.  She did, and we used each and every one, but as you can see there are still many items on white plastic hangers. I suggested she invest in more of them after I leave, to further polish the final look.
After an edit of her inventory (getting rid of items that are no longer in style, rarely worn, or don't fit) I decided to tackle the section of the closet that you first notice when entering: SHOES. They just needed a little rearranging and color/season coordinating, and they now continue across the top sides, to better showcase her collection (rather than being stuffed out of site on shelves below her clothes).
Next was organizing each section of the closet by style. Long sleeves together, short sleeves together, skirts together, and so on. Then each section was organized further by color. 
This was a short two hour session, and I didn't get to work on everything I would have like to, but the results are still visible. 

Here are the before and after pics. On the second view, you can see the purse section in the before pic, but we didn't have time to get to that this time, so I left it out of the after. I was able to utilize all sections of the closet, some of which were empty when I started, to maximize organization and minimize clutter/cramming.

View 1:

View 2:

Like what you see? Maybe it's time for your CrayChicStyle closet session?

Until next time!

Kit Kat

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