Monday, September 25, 2017

Playroom Organization

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Hi Dolls,

One of the most daunting tasks, as a parent, is cleaning up the playroom. However, the more organized the playroom, the easier the cleanup each time. After recently working on my kids' playroom, I came up with a few tips on how to organize this creative space.

Before you try and organize at all, go through the entire room and get rid of items that are now too immature for your young ones, or things that they just don't play with anymore. 

Now that you've dwindled down your inventory, it's time to sort. Decorative bins/baskets are a great way to separate items into categories, while giving a put together appearance to the room. They also make cleanup a breeze (think being able to quickly throw items back into their respective bins). Smaller bins can be set on shelves or tucked in cubes (see #3) and big ones can be left on the floor or set under a table. Coordinating the colors of the cubes (feel free to mix solids and prints) is aesthetically appealing and gives a sense of structure.

Perfect for playrooms, these cube shelves are pretty inexpensive and can hold all kinds of different toys or books. They are also perfect for housing decorative baskets/bins.  Cube shelves come in all sizes, so they're easy to customize to your space.

Fun activity for your kids to help you with, and adds structured pops of color to the room. It is also easy for kids to maintain, and creates structure where there usual isn't any.

Some items are just better hung. Dress up clothes, capes, and even small baskets are some ideas for how to utilize hooks. 

There you go! My five tips to help you tackle the craziness that is your playroom. 

Want help? I'm happy to give you a free consultation to assess your organizing needs.


Kit Kat

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