Friday, October 20, 2017

Closet Highlight Of The Month: September


Hi Dolls,

This month's highlighted closet makeover was a fun one! I mean, they're all fun to me, but this one stood out because I'd done it before. I'm talking serious déjà vu! Well...not this exact closet. One that was identical in size and had basically the same layout. The finished look, however, was quite different. (Click for previous post.) 


After going through each item with the client, and purging many of them, I got to work organizing. 

I started with reorganizing the different sections, so that they made a little more sense. I put all of the winter items together, all of the blouses and lighter shirts together, all of the pants and skirts together, and all of the dresses in one place. I also color coordinated everything. 

Due to the fact that you cannot see the floor, beneath the clothing, I had to come up with a solution for all of the client's boots. I decided to put them up on the top shelf so that they were out of the way, but still visible for easy selection.  The rest of the shoes were able to stay where they were, and just needed a little restructuring.


Again, notice the big difference in just switching out the hangers to matching, space saving ones. Just sayin...

A similar closet to one done before, but a totally different, finished look.

On to the next. :)


Kit Kat