Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Closet Organizing Tip: Linen Closet


Hi Dolls!

The linen closet is a space that seems to always attract clutter. Even when you take the time to organize and tidy up, it seems to revert back to it's messy state rather quickly.  Furthermore, it's a space that is accessed by the whole family, and thus is even harder to keep clean without some structure. 

I first organized my linen closet when we moved into the house years ago. I pulled together a hodge-podge of baskets to help sort the many, many products kept inside. Although this did help keeping the categories of items separate, it still didn't look quite right...nor was it as functional as I had hoped. The longer we lived in the house, the more the clutter returned and soon the closet didn't seem organized at all!

Time passed, and it took me awhile to find the right type of baskets to both house all of our inventory, as well as fit the aesthetic look I was going for. Once I found them, however, it was LOVE at first sight! (Silly how organizing items gets me so excited!) 

Aren't they gorge?
These baskets come in two different sizes, have a chalk board plate on the front for labeling, and are extremely inexpensive. ✔✔✔ (Click here to order.)
I needed to maximize the space and assure I'd get the correct amount of baskets from the get-go, so I measured each shelf, and calculated how many of each size would fit before purchasing.

Now to reorganize. I started the process by taking every single item out of the closet (throwing many things away in the process). I then sorted them into different groups on the bathroom floor, which allowed me to see which categories I could separate everything into, and how much of each category there was. Once I was done, I was able to choose the appropriate size basket for each group. 
Finally, using a chalk pen, I labeled each basket accordingly.

Our linen closet has NEVER looked so good! If you have a space that needs organizing, I'm happy to help! Schedule your free consultation today.

Until next time. 😉

Kit Kat

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