Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Closet Highlight Of The Month - November


What an adorable space this was! The client already had aesthetically appealing storage items to help maximize the space she was working with, she just needed help editing down her inventory. She mentioned that she had previously "gone through" her items, and had gotten rid of many things. Nonetheless, I suggested we go through everything again, with a fine-toothed comb.

During my meticulous cleanout/purge phase, people are often amazed at how many items were in their closets, that they didn't even realize were there. Some of the "found" items are nice surprises, but many are unwanted space takers, and are instant tosses; as was the case with this one. She ended up getting rid of FIVE large garbage bags of clothing!
The remaining items were then organized by category and color, and the old hangers were swapped out for the uniform black velvet ones. 

Despite getting rid of a TON of items, there are plenty remaining, and they are all ones that she will be happy to wear going forward. I think her review says it all:

"I've "cleaned out" the clothes in my closet before but I didn't even realize what an overhaul I needed until she showed up! Top to bottom, she helped me clear out anything that wasn't serving me. Then she organized it all into perfectly color coordinated sections. You wouldn't believe all the work it took to get my closet in order and I would have never done it without her! I feel so free!!!"

I'm so glad I could help her with this adorable space. 
On to the next closet! Maybe it will be yours?


Kit Kat

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