Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Organization HACK: Over-the-door shoe organizer


Hi Dolls,

Over the door clear organizers are well-known for their use with shoes in small closets, however, there are SO many more modern ways to incorporate them today.

1. Toys


2. Art Supplies


3. Power Cords


4.  Sewing Supplies


5. Beauty Products


6.  Gardening Tools


7. Cleaning Supplies


8. Hair Bows/Bands


9. Pantry Snack Station


10. Water Bottles


I'm sure there are MANY I may have missed. Let me know how you use them!


Kit Kat

Thursday, February 8, 2018

DIY: Makeup Brush Holders


Hi Loves!

I have to give credit for the idea of this post to my good friend, Pavla. She made one of these for me, and I just HAD to pass on the beyond easy instructions for y'all to make your own.


This can be anything you want! Make sure it has a wide enough opening to hold many brushes. You can even split up your brushes, by category if you prefer. 



Tiny pearls, beads, coffee beans, rice and rocks are some ideas. My bestie used tiny, glass-like rocks that can be found in the floral sections of stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  I suggest filling up the container up approximately 50% of the way, however, it may vary slightly.

This gold rock filler was made by spray painting aquarium rocks. 👌


You choose how to arrange them, that makes the most sense for your personal use. 



Voila! How easy was that?! I'd love to see the ones y'all make, so post them on Insta with #craychicorganizing. 


Kit Kat

Monday, January 29, 2018



Hi Loves!

I've talked about one unconventional use for letter sorters before. Do y'all remember? I use them for organizing my clutches! It keeps them upright, and slightly separated from one another. 


Did you know that there are many other ways to use letter sorters when organizing your home? 

~ Makeup palletes ~


~ Sandals ~

~ Cutting Boards ~

~ Sunglasses ~

Do you have any letter sorter uses that I didn't mention? I'd love to know! Either send them to me, or post and use #craychicorganizing so I can see them!


Kit Kat

Monday, January 15, 2018

Closet Organizing Tip: Delicates

Give them their own space!

It is easy to select a drawer, and just throw your bras and underwear, and socks in, creating a piled mess. Most people do! Yet, it just makes it that much harder when you want to find that certain one.

Enter the honeycomb and cloth dividers. These items are very inexpensive, yet do wonders for organizing. The honeycomb can be used for bras, socks or belts, to separate them neatly. I even put two pairs of underwear into each one, separated by color. This structured drawer also alerts you to when you're getting low on clean items (or favorites) and that it may be time for a load of laundry. You can also do this using cardboard, if you want to be extra budget conscious.

In the bra department, there are a few options I've used/seen.
The "Boobie Trap" bra organizer from the Container Store is a little pricier than others, but holds the shape of each bra perfectly, and is barely visible. The downside it is only fits bras up to a D cup, so it won't work for everyone. 

My go-to is cloth storage boxes, like these. You can stack your bras next to each other, and there are slots to help keep them upright and in the correct place, even after removing one. Your drawer will soon look like the ones at Victoria's Secret! Visually appealing and functional.

Tip: Never fold your bras with contoured cups when storing them.  Over time, they will become permanently rippled and it will ruin the integrity of the cups. 

If you don't want to spend money, you can just position them side by side in the same way, without using an organizer. You'll still be able to see all of them, and it will definitely make the drawer much more organized. (You may have to re-stack them slightly when you take one from the middle).

Happy organizing!


Kit Kat

Did this help? Stay tuned for more organizing tips.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Closet Highlight Of The Month - December

December Closet Highlight

Ok, Dolls. This closet is every woman's dream! Double sided, double chandeliers, and a high-end bag collection that we'd all kill for. Oh, I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on this one.

Just because a closet is large and has ample space for clothing, doesn't make it exempt from under-serving it's owner. In fact, larger closets are much more likely to have items that are just "space-fillers".  Meaning, items that are not liked and are never worn, but remain there because over crowding isn't as much of an issue. This massive closet was no exception. 

After a thorough examination of each and every item, we ended up with 6 Goodwill bags, and 2 large bags headed for consignment stores. 

This client seemed a little nervous before the re-organization and re-structuring process started, because the different sections looked very bare from all of the discarded items. However, once I was done moving items around and making it more functional, she realized just how many items still remained.

This was one of the first closets I've worked on, where most of the existing hangers were already velvet. (WOO HOO!) 
However, they were multiple colors, which isn't ideal.  Instead of suggesting she buy new hangers that match, I color coordinated the hangers within each section, creating a uniform appearance.

I was excited to receive a phone call from this client, a few days later...

"I loved getting dressed now! It is MUCH easier than it's ever been, because the items to choose from are all things that I like to wear. I also made a couple hundred dollars selling items to consignment stores!"

It was so nice to hear that she was excited about her existing clothes again. She too had recently "cleaned out" her closet, but couldn't believe how much "junk" was still there when we were going through it with such detail.  Also, she even made money off of the items that were literally just taking up space in her closet. She wasn't going to wear them, but someone else will, and now she can use that money for new items! Win-win.

Ready for your personalized session yet? 


Kit Kat