"I am still relishing in the beauty that is my organized and functional closet. Katie helped me not only part with clothes that don't fit, aren't cool, are duplicates, etc. - but also organize such that I now feel like I have MORE outfit options! We have a mid century house with a small master closet that seemed impossible to make work for our needs, but I was wrong! Could not be happier with the help she provided."

- A. Walpole

"Katie absolutely transformed my closet! I've "cleaned out" the clothes in my closet before but I didn't realize what an overhaul I needed until she showed up! Top to bottom, she helped me clear out anything that wasn't serving me. Then she organized it all into perfectly coordinated sections. You wouldn't believe all the work it took to get my closet in order and I would have never done it without her! I feel so free!!! Perfect for all those mommas-to-be who are in their nesting period!"

- B. Stubbs

"Katie took my messy, disorganized, disgusting closet and made it look spectacular! Not only is it organized and beautiful, but it is also set up in a way that encourages me to wear items I haven't remembered (or been able to see among the mess) and revamp my style.  Everyone who sees my closet is in awe, but I have to give all the credit to her. She is truly a wonder woman...AMAZING!"

- R. Davis

"Oh my gosh! If you are on the fence or have ever considered getting a 'closet makeover', DO IT!!! Katie did such a marvelous job getting my closet organized by clothing type, style, and color.  I no longer stand in front of my closet wondering where to find anything and it's only the items that I love!  Begin the New Year with a fresh start and an organized closet that you'll fall in love with all over again. PS - Katie's services ended up paying for itself and then some with all the money I made at consignment stores. Win-win!!"

 - P. Guggenheim

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